Academic Practice

Through seminars and projects, students learn matters that they cannot fully learn at university, together with professors from various departments of Hokkaido University and outside businessmen.。


I’m Taishi Goto, the second manager of this club.One year has passed since its founding, and the number of club members, types of activities, and quality are continuing to improve.
I believe that this is the result of being able to create experiences and learning that cannot be obtained simply by attending university.In addition, we have been able to build good relationships that we consider to be the greatest blessing of college life in our activities of the club.We hope to maintain and develop this culture of the club this year.
And I want to make this club the default for students in Hokkaido.I want all the students who joined the club to think that it was good to join the club, that they came to Hokkaido and that they were born on Hokkaido.To that end, I would like to help each other as a club, do various activities including starting a business, and expand the circle of people.I would also like to work on the creation of a system and system that will continue with this club.
“Mutual assistance” is important in the club.We would like to have students participate and cooperate to create a fun club, as well as various learning and activities as a point of contact with society. Thank you.

Taishi Goto
Third-year student, Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University


It was founded in April 2022 by Hokkaido University students as a student organization working on the theme of “learning from implementation”. Based on the idea that happiness is having good relationships, the club aims to make friends through academic practice. Club members participate in and manage various seminars and projects in order to enjoy their university life and enrich their future. The club includes mainly students from universities in Hokkaido, but also includes high school students, and international students. The club aims to produce individuals who proactively plan projects on their own, gather friends, and move the world forward.

Official NameMirai Kaitaku Club
EstablishedApril 1, 2022
RepresentativeYoko Miura (4th year, Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University)
Number of Members300
ActivitiesSeminars, projects and events
LocationFMI Room 219, FMI HX, 13labo
ProhibitionsPolitical activities
Religious activity
Transactions that create an imbalance among peers for personal gain
Attitude of exclusion of others and their opinions
Offense against public order and morals
AdressHokkaido, Sapporoshi, Kitaku Kita20jonishi 3-1-30 TAKE N20 211
As of December 2022

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