What is Mirai Kaitakukai Club?

Academic Practice

Through seminars and projects, students learn skills and topics that they cannot fully learn at university together with professors from various departments of Hokkaido University and industry professionals.



Maximizing the Blessings of College Life

Based on the idea that happiness is having good relationships, the club aims to make friends through academic practice. Club members participate and manage various seminars and projects to enjoy and enrich their university life and future. By doing so, they make the most of the opportunities to meet and challenge themselves with their peers, which is a blessing of university life.



Opportunities to Meet and Challenge

In order to produce individuals who can proactively develop and manage their own activities, the club provides challenging opportunities through seminars, projects, and events. In addition, the club provides an environment in which many students can cooperate with each other by launching their own projects using the club as a medium.



Management Development

Members organize seminars, projects and annual events.



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